EBF Quick Freezer
  • EBF Quick Freezer

  • `The rapid freezing can keep the product moisture and quality.
    `Suitable for rapid freezing of dough, pastry, ice cream, cakes, handmade popsicles and other products.
    ` Imported brand compressors, condensers and fans ensure rapid cooling and stable freezing effect.
    `Solenoid valve controls the defrosting system, the defrosting time is short, and the quality of internal frozen products is not affected.
    `The power and thermal expansion valve controls the system flow, and adds three devices (liquid reservoir, gas-liquid separator) integrated configuration, which can adapt to a variety of environments.
    `The temperature controller imported from Italy, electronically controlled temperature setting and display, automatic defrost with abnormal alarm function.
name EBF3 EBF5 EBF10
Dimensions(mm) 800×815×945 800×815×1015 800×815×1645
VolumeL) 139 169 368
Number of pallets(个) 3 5 10
Cooling method Wind cooling Wind cooling Wind cooling
net weight(KG) 104 116 150
power(W) 770 800 1300
Current(A) 3.5 4 6.5
Voltage(V) 220 220 220
frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
Fluoride(KG) 750 800 1150
Refrigerant type R404A R404A R404A



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