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1. Configuration for top-grade refrigerating system:
Tecumseh compressor from France, Danfoss refrigeration accessories from Denmark, EBM draught fan from Germany, DIXEL temperature controller from Italy, and other imported top-grade accessories. The fully enclosed refrigerant compressor unit is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption, and low noise. It also has a high and low pressure switch and operates through automatic induction according to the temperature in the cabinet, which will protect the compressor, save power, and protect the environment.
2. Double air flue circulating cooling system:
The cabinet employs double air flue, which ensures quick refrigeration and makes sure the temperature of the entire cabinet is even. In this way, the temperature of the ice cream of the front and back row is even and the taste is stable.
3. Hot gas-based defrosting system :
Full-automatic cyclic defrosting in reverse cycle carries out automatic defrosting every six hours, which is free from manual defrosting. The entire process lasts no more than four minutes, which is quick and clean. Therefore, the temperature fluctuation for the ice cream in the cabinet can be minimized, which will ensure a stable taste of the ice cream and the taste will not be affected due to temperature fluctuation.
4. Double-layer hollow electrically heated glass:
The product employs double-layer hollow electrically heated glass and original glass imported from the US. This type of glass is stalinite with high perspectivity, which is safe and shows ideal perspectivity and even antifogging effect. Besides, the inner face of the glass is attached with electric heating film, which is different from the electric heating wire glass generally available in the market. Thus the product is more transparent and shows ideal demisting, with humidity resistance up to 60%.
5. Material :
The plate for the visual part of the equipment and the part that contacts the food is made of stainless steel 304. The equipment module is connected by screw without using glue, which is aimed at ensuring the safety of equipment and making sure the accessories are replaced in a convenient way.
6. Characteristics of overall design of display case:
1)The entire equipment is connected by screws, without application of glue. Therefore, the product is environmental-friendly and is convenient for replacing accessories.
2)The front decorative sheet employs stoving varnish for steel plate, and the lateral decorative sheet adopts plywood stoving varnish for ships, which are highly plastic. The color of the decorative sheet and logo can be customized according to the shop style.
3)The GN1/2 pot, GN1/3 pot or Italian pot can be placed on the case. It can also be changed into barrel configuration or water ice board configuration.
4)LED green lighting system is employed, which is attractive and energy-saving.
5)Unique dual functional design for fixed foot and the mobile pulley is adopted, which facilitate movement and fixation.




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