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ALBA Ice Cream Showcases

1.The refrigeration parts and components adopt the Tecumseh compressor from France, Danfoss refrigeration accessories from Denmark, EBM draught fan from Germany, DIXEL temperature controller from Italy, and other imported top-grade accessories. The fully enclosed refrigerant compressor unit is characterized by high efficiency, low consumption, and low noise. It also has a high and low pressure switch and operates through automatic induction according to the temperature in the cabinet, which will protect the compressor, save power, and protect the environment.
2. This product is quick in refrigeration. The cabinet employs double air flue, and the temperature of the entire cabinet is even. The hot gas-based defrosting lasts for no more than three minutes and quick cleaning is ensured, so that temperature fluctuation for the ice cream in the cabinet can be minimized.
3. The aluminum as used for the top of this device employs imported aluminum profile from Italy. The device, the most high-end showcase of our company, is magnificent and luxurious and has 45°spherical arc corner cabinet.
4. This product adopts the double-layer hollow electrically heated glass. Compared with the SHELLY series, the single side of the glass is attached with electric heating film. The glass surface shows even temperature, long service life and the humidity resistance reaches 60%. This glass belongs to stalinite with high perspectivity, which is safe and shows high perspectivity.
5. The glass of this type of product can be opened from bottom to upward and is equipped with gas spring support imported from Italy. In this way, the product can be fixed from any angle, which will facilitate adding exhibits, cleaning glass and equipment interior.
6. The plate for the visual part of the product and the part that contacts the food is made of stainless steel 304.
7. This type of product can achieve integrated seamless joint with other products of the same series and the MIRAGE cake cabinet of corresponding series.  



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