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  • Name: Quick Cabinet Freezer
  • No.: bxg003
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Quick cabinet freezer

Product Performance:


1. Moisture and quality of products can be kept through quick freezing;

2. Applicable to the quick freezing of paste, western-styled cakes, ice cream, cakes, hand-made Popsicle, etc.

3. Imported compressor, condenser and draught fan ensure quick freezing and stable freezing effect.

4. The solenoid valve-controlled defrosting system ensures short defrosting duration, and the quality of the frozen products inside will not be affected.

5. The thermostatic expansion valve controls the system flow. The integrated three devices (reservoir, gas-liquid separator and oil separator) are added, which can adapt to various environments.

6. Italian temperature controller sets and displays temperature in an electronic way and can remove frost automatically. Besides, alarm can be duly given for abnormal conditions.


Product Parameters:


Handmade Popsicle Making Process:


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